Matthew Pettit, LMFT, ECP-P

Matt Pettit is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and an Equine Co-facilitated Psycotherpy-Professional.  Matt Pettit, LMFT , ECP-P held positions of leadership and trust in the therapy world for 13 years. Seven years as a Marriage and Family Therapist at The Aspen Ranch with extensive experience in horse/family therapy.  He was an integral contributor to the development of an exclusive horse and family therapy program that has delivered effective, high quality outcomes. In order to stimulate change in the deeply rooted family dynamics, Matt uses the ability to engage with clients quickly to begin the real work of the therapy process. Matt brings skill and a deep understanding to problem solve with families, resulting in a functional and enjoyable family culture. Matt also has extensive experience in treating addictions, mood disorders, various forms of youth treatment as well as men’s and women’s issues at all stages of life.  Matt also offers Equine Therapy through Deep Rivers Family Ranch.

Commonly Addressed Topics:

• Anxiety           • Depression               • Family Conflict
• Stress             • Forgiveness              • Academic Concerns
• Trauma            • Divorce                    • Marital Difficulty
• Worry              • Identity                    •  Christian Approach
• Adoption         • Grief and Loss         • Premarital Counseling
• Anger              • Addictions               • Relationships
• Fears               • Parenting                 • Pain Management
• Defiance          • Self-harm                 •Youth and Teens



Provide effective clinical therapy for people desiring a change in their current life.


Master of Science, Colorado State University, CO; May 2006
Human Development and Family Studies emphasizing Marriage and Family Therapy
Bachelor of Science, Houghton College,Houghton, NY; December 1998
Major: Therapeutic Recreation;  Minor: Psychology
Associate of Science, Pikes Peak Community College, Colorado Springs, CO; May 1997

Certifications / Memberships

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist CO & UT – Current
Member of AAMFT – Current
Member of AACC – Current
Certified Equine Co-facilitated Psychotherapist Professional – Current
Certified Therapeutic Recreational Specialist – Past 


Associates In Behavioral Counseling, Grand Junction, CO February 2012 – Current
Provide therapy sessions to community clientele in the form of couples, families, individuals or some combination thereof each week.

Deep Rivers Family Ranch, Glade Park, CO November 2011 – Current
Founder and Director of this family therapy retreat. Facilitate therapeutic interventions for the entire family for the duration of their three to seven day program. Families participate in family therapy, equine co-facilitated psychotherapy, couples therapy, parenting class, recreational therapy and group therapy.

Equine ManagerAspen Ranch, Loa, UT, October 2009 – August 2011
Supervise the equine department of seven employees. Create and sustain a functioning horse program for Aspen Ranch where learning how to ride and train horses is common place. Further create and sustain a therapeutic culture where the horses are seen as part of the therapeutic relationship not just a tool. Financially manage and maintain a herd of approximately 75 horses, barns, fields, equipment and several other livestock.

Equine TherapistAspen Ranch, Loa, UT, May 2009 – August 2011
Facilitate 2+ hour therapy group for each team at Aspen Ranch once a week using the horses as a co-facilitator of the therapeutic experience. Manage the equine Hospice program including facilitating the one hour Hospice group with the students once a week.

Clinical Therapist, Wayne Community Health Center, Bicknell, UT, October 2008 – October 2011
Provide 8-10 therapy sessions to community clientele in the form of couples, families, individuals or some combination there of per week.

Clinical TherapistAspen Ranch, Loa, UT, July2004 – May 2009
Facilitate counseling and case management for 12-13 youth (ages 13-18) and their families in a Residential Treatment Center. The youth reside on campus, while families visit their youth at various times throughout the year. Conduct individual, family and group therapy weekly covering issues such as anxiety, depression, grief and loss, defiance, ADHD, substance abuse/dependence and other addictive behaviors, self-injury, couples relational problems, and a myriad of family relational conflicts. Co-facilitate family enrichment intervention for parents and their child 6-8 times per year. Facilitate experiential therapies for the case load of youth monthly. Write and complete assessments, treatment plans and discharge summaries.

Psychotherapist,Office of Youth Alternatives, Cheyenne, WY, Sept. 2003 – April 2004
Facilitate counseling with families presenting difficulties with their children ages 6 – 18. In addition, co-facilitate an addictions group for teens on probation in cooperation with the local court system.

Teaching Assistant, CSU HDFS Dept. Dr. Jerry Bigner, September 2002 – April 2004
Grade tests, manage student questions and complaints and handle office needs.  In addition, teach class when Dr. Bigner is out for the day.  Finally, teaching section five of Human Development 101 spring semester of 2004, which consists of creating curriculum, tests, lectures, and theory projects.

PsychotherapistColorado State University Center for Couple and Family TherapyNov. 2002 – Feb.2004
Facilitate counseling with individuals, couples and families with a variety of presenting problems.

Research Assistant, CSU HDFS Dept. Graduate Chair, Karen Barrett Sept. 2002 – March 2003.
Volunteer assistance in gathering data regarding adolescent emotional expressions used to influence peers.

Director of Recreational Therapy, Aspen Ranch, Loa, UT, July 2000 – July 2002
Facilitate emotional growth for 60-84 delinquent youth (ages13-18) in a group format. In addition, facilitate emotional growth for all the families of the youth four times/year. Using the modality of a multitude of experiential activities, bringing behaviors, attitudes and mindsets to a head and able to be processed. Coordinate and facilitate staff training and team-building on the ropes course 1-2 times/year for 80-120 staff. Organize all equipment, vehicles, and budgets.  Maintain ropes course, buildings, and equipment.  Chart progress notes for every client in every session.  Most sessions were co-facilitated by a licensed clinical therapist.

Residential Team SeniorAspen Ranch, Loa, UT, January 1999 – July 2000.
Schedule staffing for teams, and responsible for safety and behavior of students throughout the day.  Assist team therapist in groups, treatment team, and developing a plan of action for each of the 12 clients/students on the team.  Plan and carry out the activities for students on the weekend.

Mediator, NCIC International, Woodland Park, CO, Fall 1999.
Mediated business meetings between company partners (3-6 professionals).

Recreational Therapist Intern, Provo Canyon School, Provo, UT, January 2000 – March 2000.
Assisted in facilitating indoor and outdoor recreational groups containing a therapeutic purpose. Completed assessments on incoming patients, as well as annual updates. Completed progress notes for each client relating to the Master Treatment Plan. The clientele consisted of delinquent youth ages 11-17 from various backgrounds.

Recreational Therapist Intern, Colorado Boys Ranch Foundation, La Junta, CO, Summer 1998
Assisted in conducting programs for the boys (ages13-18) at the ranch.  Represented the activities department at the temporary treatment plan reviews.  The clients were from various backgrounds.

Supportive Counselor, Camp New Horizons, Olean, NY, July – August 1997
Directly supervised ten counselors, and assisted in supervising ten others. Supported and trained the counselors and campers, organized and participated in programming.


Dr. Thomas Hecker,     Ft. Collins, CO      970-482-7711
Jeff Chappell, M.D.   Bicknell, UT    435-425-3744
Sherree Rechsteiner, MSN, FNP-BC    Bicknell, UT     435-616-3352